Halo Utara (Video by Woof Jakarta)

Quoted from Woof: “New collaboration project with the well known Korean electronic brand LG, a music clip project featuring local band “Distant East” and got a chance to shoot it using their latest… Continue reading

Kisah Dari Kota ft. Eka Annash (Live Acoustic at Junkyard)

Video oleh Qub-TV.com

Passageway (Live Acoustic at Junkyard)

Video oleh Qub-TV.com

A Pause

A PAUSE Today, I’m in love with the bad day I will write a piece of verse about an ego’s eye Hello, are you hit by the metro In a life of the… Continue reading

Halo Utara

HALO UTARA Saatnya melangkah pergi Jauh dari bising hari Halo Utara, aku datang Halo Utara, aku hilang Halo Utara, aku datang Halo Utara, aku hilang Dan, menembus hutan Temukan taman yang hilang Halo… Continue reading

I Don’t Mind

I DON’T MIND Waking up in the morning hear the sun is calling you Facing all of the business man, they’ll noise you what to do Telling rubbish of point of view All… Continue reading

Morning Forever

MORNING FOREVER I’ll be standing where the morning comes When the truce let peaceful mind Finding happiness invites the sun I’ll be waiting all the time How I miss the land of down… Continue reading


PASSAGEWAY Have we found a treasure buried in the ground? Have we found a peace of mind? Boredom is my fellow He teaches me how to dance Teaches me how to kill him… Continue reading


LOST Shadows stepping in my mind I’m walking while I keep covering my face Waiting, waiting for my soul I’m lost in the city that I drew my own Hiding away from the… Continue reading


SHIVER Say, nothing left to say now The leaves are falling as the days goes by I’ve took my day, and night that I got was working for the bed and meds to… Continue reading